Hermes’ Travel Log

This travel log is recorded here for posterity’s sake.

Segfest 2003, Chicago 8/27/2003 9:00:00 AM
Trip time: 1000000 min., Distance: 2000 mile(s), Temp. 75F
Conditions: Absolutely beautiful weather
Route: Mass pike to Chicago
Demos given: 0

We took a huge road trip out to Chicago for the Segway Festival 2003, the first of its kind. I could not have been blessed with nicer traveling companions Marc and Elizabeth, especially since we road in Marc’s car and he did all of the driving, very well mind you. It was the most comfortable long distance car ride I’ve ever taken. We left on Wed morning and returned very late Sun. The convention was a great time culminating in a banquet, keynote speech by Dean Kamen himself and a Segway HT raffle. I am going to put up some more info on the convention soon, but for now, please be content with looking at these pics.

School and Segmeet 7/26/2003 9:00:09 AM
Trip time: 45 min., Distance: 8 mile(s), Temp. 85F
Conditions: perfection
Route: Over Mission Hill to the Fenway to Beacon St. to Esplanade via Kenmore Sq.
Demos given: 3

I went to my usual Saturday class and then skipped out at lunch to join the rest of the gang for the Segmeet. The glide to school over Mission Hill is always fun but even more so today since the weather was so nice and my glide for the day was just beginning. I have left Hermes locked outside to the bike rack before and had no qualms about doing so again as long as I use all three locks properly. There was a Red Socks game against the Yankees beginning (which we won, btw) that afternoon as I passed through Kenmore Sq. Crossing Storrow Dr., the high-speed roadway that separates the Esplanade from the rest of the city, is always a trick. All non-automobile access is restricted to the pedestrian overpasses spaced periodically along Storrow. Knowing their location is critical to access to the bike path and ultimately an efficient trip. Once on the two-lane bike path, I was passed by a rollerblader and a few cyclists and in turn did some passing myself. Read more about the Segmeet here. After the Segmeet, we glided back over to Boylston St. where, being low on electrons, Marc kindly gave me a list home.

Larz Anderson 7/18/2003 8:55:00 AM
Trip time: 30 min., Distance: 5.75 mile(s), Temp. 80F
Conditions: Nice in the morning, torrents of rain briefly in the afternoon
Route: Riverway bike path to Pond Street
Demos given: 85

We participated in the recent Alternative Transportation festival at Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation on Friday and Saturday. Read more about it here. This is a great trip by a glacial pond, a significant recreational area for residentes of my neighborhood and up the hill into Brookline to the beautiful Park know as Larz Anderson. I had to do this glide several times in one day as I went to the festival to setup in the morning back later in the after noon at which point I got caught in a torrential downpour, but since it was warm I dried off rather quickly once the rain stopped.

Brookline Village 6/27/2003 8:22:57 PM
Trip time: 20 min., Distance: 2.25 mile(s), Temp. 80F
Conditions: clear and dry, mild humidity
Route: Heath St. to S. Huntington, Rt. 9 to Harvard Ave.
Demos given: 0

Brookline Village is not far from my house, about a mile. I walk to the shops and restaurants there all the time. Tonight I decided to take Hermes for a little spin to meet Mary after class at dusk. Brookline is a separate municipality and its pedestrian amenities tend to be better than Boston’s generally speaking. While waiting a guy ran out of a local rib joint in the middle of a meal to talk to me about the seg, we had a friendly conversation. The trip there and back involves crossing Route 9 in Boston which is notoriously unfriendly to everybody other than cars. Most of my gliding is in the street but on the way back, I was moving contra-flow toward a more convenient crosswalk when two cyclists passed and shouted something like, “get off the sidewalk.” The irony is that minutes later as I waited at the cross walk for the light to change, another cyclist (obviously less hardcore) rode toward me, on the sidewalk traversing the exact same route I had taken. This is a good demonstration of when it is necessary for cyclists, gliders, rollerbladers etc. to make use of the sidewalk to get through an intersection, especially one as poorly designed as Rt 9 and Huntington St. (and there are lots of them). A complete prohibition on sidewalk use in Boston would have forced me to jayseg which would have been very dangerous. Even the Boston ordinance against biking on the sidewalk is not effectively enforced and routinely ignored for the sake of perceived safety.

Moss Hill 6/25/2003 6:36:00 PM
Trip time: 30 min., Distance: 4 mile(s), Temp. 85F
Conditions: sunny, hot and humid
Route: Bynner to Arborway bike path to Pond Street, Moss Hill Rd.
Demos given: 0

I try to get in a weekly game of tennis with a friend who lives about two miles away on the other side of Jamaica Plain in what is called the Moss Hill neighborhood. Now two miles is not a great distance and if I had the time, I would certainly consider walking especially because most of the walk is along the Emerald Necklace park system , as is the bike path, but time is precious on the weekend and we try to play early around 8-8:30am typically on Saturday morning. The prior two seasons I’ve always ridden my bike and the only issue with that is that Moss Hill elevation is a few hundred feet and the final climb to the court is probably a half-mile at 15% grade uphill. By the time I’d get to the court, I’d be beat, great workout overall, but it made for a poor tennis game. And that never really mattered because we always have fun and get some exercise until I got tired of loosing all the time. Now, Hermes has provided another option. I arrive fresh and ready to give my all to the game. I still loose, unfortunately, but my play is noticeably more energetic. This is a good example of the decisions that go into mode choice. The pictures here are taken from a game we played last Wednesday night. The Moss Hill neighborhood is beautiful, but its sidewalk amenities are not the best. I glide in the street. Look at the pictures and decide were you would rather glide.

Concatenation 6/14/2003 1:07:32 PM
Trip time: 120 min., Distance: 20 mile(s), Temp. 60F
Conditions: so much rain this spring, enough already
Route: all over
Demos given: 0

It’s been a heck of a long time since I made an entry. Things have just gotten away from me time wise and I just never got to sit down and get the job done, as they say. I have been out gliding several times a week and had originally wanted to write each up a separate entry, but now I’m so removed from the details of each excursion that I can only resort to a hazy summary. I got together with Steve of for a little glide at lunchtime a few weeks back. We hope to do a meeting and group demo with his technology review group. Steve seemed to like the short glide he had time for. I typically take Hermes out for trips between one and five miles. Almost always I walk anything under that even if that means walking over three miles per day (several one mile trips) especially now that spring is here. I suspected that I was walking 10-15 miles per week so I recently bought a pedometer to track the number of steps taken. Average steps taken per day even with HT and bike usage are about 5000 or about 2 miles, so my estimate was right on. Overall, I am very happy with my mode choices of bike, HT, feet and T.

Bill 1550 5/15/2003 9:30:00 AM
Trip time: 95 min., Distance: 12 mile(s), Temp. 65F
Conditions: clear sky and sun
Route: SW corridor to Dartmouth to Comm Ave to Beacon St.
Demos given: 4

On May 15, I and three other gliders segged over to the State House to testify on bill H1550, the EPAMD bill before the Joint Committee on Public Safety. The hearing went well and I think we at least let the committee members know how current owners are using their HTs on a daily basis which is important. One of those who testified, Chris from Cambridge, replaced his daily commute by car with a daily glide. I wish I owned a car to give up. No word on the bill yet, but I think it likely the JCPS will give a recommendation to the bill and it will move to the floor for a vote. Perhaps it might have to go through some other committees and it may not go to the floor for a while, but we might see some action this summer. See the pictures of the state house testimony here. The glide to the state house from my abode was a nice long one. Olmstead’s emerald necklace park system runs direct to the public garden and provides lots of green scenery. As I was leaving the Boston Common, a city park ranger stopped me and stated that no “motorized vehicles” are permitted on the Common. Since bill 1550 would exempt the HT from the definition of “motor vehicle, ” it is yet to be determined how this might impact urban park systems but demonstrates the need for education and some continuity in expectation for both users and non-users alike.

Earth Day 4/30/2003 1:00:38 PM
Trip time: 15 min., Distance: 2 mile(s), Temp. 0F
Conditions: some clouds, some sun
Route: Centre St. to Paul Gore to Chestnut to Hubbard
Demos given: 0

I had the pleasure of taking Hermes to the annual Wake-Up the Earth festival sponsored by Spontaneous Celebrations and gave loads of demos to folks interested in preserving the environment. Don’t have many pictures of this event but it was great fun and best of all, the weather was nice, seems like so long ago. The festival is held on the south-west corridor park.

Faneuil Hall 4/6/2003 3:40:26 PM
Trip time: 90 min., Distance: 11.5 mile(s), Temp. 37F
Conditions: sun, breezy, cold
Route: Tremont St. to Chauncy, to Congress St.
Demos given: 2

I went for a nice Sunday glide today in the afternoon as the sun forced the temperature above freezing. Boston University Law student Aaron M. wanted to meet to discuss HT regulations and state laws. I don’t know much about the issue other than MA does not actually have one pertaining to the Segway HT specifically, but wanted an excuse to get out for a glide and needed a destination. Aaron lives in the North End so we decided to meet at Faneuil Hall , a great meeting place in the heart of downtown Boston. Quincy Market, one of the country’s oldest marketplaces is also there and attracts many tourists, to say the least. We sought out the sun to keep warm as we discussed the Segway HT policy paper Aaron is working on for one of his classes and drank hot chocolate. Aaron is a big fan of the Segway and wishes to see it succeed, so of course I gave him a demo. As we were making our way out, we ran into an older gentleman who obviously had a bad back and had trouble walking. He was filled with questions so I gave him a demo and he, along with his family, was thrilled. His final question, “Why wouldn’t you buy one?” On my way back, a biker rode up beside me and asked, “So, how do you get your exercise?” We stopped at the next light and I set him straight, the misconceptions sometimes are laughable. About half way back I encountered a guy on a 2-stroke three wheeler who said he gets 40 miles on 25 cents worth of gas, too bad I didn’t get a picture. Due to the cold temps, my meanderings through Chinatown, and my propensity for speed I ran out of juice with about 2 miles to go. I dragged Hermes about half that hoping the cyclist might see indeed just how I get my exercise and then was able to glide the remainder; half-hour there, hour back. Motto for the trip: go slow, go farther.

Book show 3/22/2003 3:30:00 PM
Trip time: 40 min., Distance: 7 mile(s), Temp. 50F
Conditions: simply beautiful
Route: southwest corridor to Tremont St. through South End to BCA
Demos given: 0

Segged over to the Boston Center for the Arts on Sat to meet some family in town for the antiquarian book show. This was the first time I actually left Hermes outside, locked while I went in to check out the show. We got lots of attention as is usual but particularly on this day as the weather was so fine, Bostonians were emerging from the long winter doldrums. It was late in the afternoon by the time we finished packing up the booth, so we went out for an early dinner. Again I left Hermes locked to a sign post while we ate. Mary got some outdoor glide time on the trip home as we alternated walking and gliding the 4 miles.

Gearheads party 3/20/2003 5:37:05 PM
Trip time: 40 min., Distance: 7.25 mile(s), Temp. 40F
Conditions: sun and warmth there, cold rain homeward
Route: southwest corridor to West Newton St. to Prudential Center
Demos given: 40

Read the Gearheads event article on this fun event held at a great wine bar in Boston’s Back Bay. I started the day with the short glide to work knowing I had to cut our at the buzzer to get to the party early, scope out the scene and help set up. The party was set to last for three hours and three solid hours of demos Hermes and I did. People were certainly filled with questions and extremely pleasant. Everybody had a good time and everyone who wanted one got a glide. We did many miles of indoor gliding that night and I should have done a flash charge before leaving as I meant to but forgot. Just at the top of Mission Hill on my glide home Hermes ran out of juice in the rain so I dragged him about two blocks over the top and rode down. The regenerative breaking got me the rest of the way home about a quarter mile. I had done about 4+ miles prior to the party and didn’t charge any at work that day either so it was entirely my own fault.

Pacer 3/9/2003 9:00:00 PM
Trip time: 45 min., Distance: 6 mile(s), Temp. 35F
Conditions: cloudy, cool
Route: around Farmington, out to the main road and back
Demos given: 1

My buddy wanted to go out for his Sunday morning jog, so I said I’d pace him and shout inspirational slogans from the seg. We cruised around the neighborhood farther than the three miles he had originally intended, it was just so much fun. One woman who stopped us just to inquire thanked us for making her day, though we only spent about thirty seconds with her and gave her no demo. We ran out beyond the main road and then down the main road to another development entrance. He ran on the left and I followed behind. Later we discussed the difference between pedestrian and vehicular travel safety. He thought the seg could travel as a pedestrian. On our way back we met some more of his neighbors, gave a demo and talked at length about mobility and land use; another fun day on the Segway.

Road trip 3/8/2003 4:40:00 PM
Trip time: 60 min., Distance: 3 mile(s), Temp. 37F
Conditions: clear, late afrernoon sun
Route: around development in CT
Demos given: 7

There were no sidewalks available for gliding in our recent trip to a residential development in Farmington, CT. We decided to take a road trip and Hermes was just begging to join us so we broke him down and he sat in the back seat of the Civic. Luckily the days are getting longer so we arrived just in time for a late afternoon glide about. There were actually very few autos around and the streets were extremely smooth especially compared to the potholes in Boston, wow! No sidewalks actually meant more fun. There were all kinds of people out walking in the street for exercise and we attracted quite a crowd at one point. Seg-smiles were evident all over the place.

Dudley Square 2/28/2003 1:30:00 PM
Trip time: 25 min., Distance: 4.2 mile(s), Temp. 30F
Conditions: cloudy, low wind, cold, light snow
Route: Heath St. to SW corridor, MLK jr. Blvd to Warren, back: Fort Hill area to Columbus
Demos given: 0

Had to zip over to Dudley Sq. in Boston’s historic Roxbury neighborhood at lunch today for a meeting with a client. The glide was great because, though I walk and bike there all the time, I had not yet visited this is an area of the city on Hermes. Additionally, there is a linear park with a bike path called the Southwest Corridor running part way. The MBTA’s #46 bus also goes to Dudley station and sometimes I use that mode. Choice it good! I passed numerous people who I stopped to speak to including throngs of students leaving school and waiting for buses. I had lots of good conversation and one woman who’s two children was especially intrigued, said she was going to check out Amazon and potentially buy one because she is currently driving about two miles to work, hates the traffic but finds it hard to tackle Mission Hill twice a day. I told her Hermes takes me over Mission Hill no problem all the time. She asked, “Is it smooth?” Absolutely! I took a bit of a different back, blue on the map.

Knitting night 2/27/2003 9:14:24 PM
Trip time: 45 min., Distance: 0 mile(s), Temp. 65F
Conditions: warm and cozy inside
Route: living room
Demos given: 2

Mary had her weekly knitting night at our place and toward the end of the evening the lovely ladies wanted to see Hermes in action and have an opportunity for a glide. I obliged of course. Susan is an experienced glider already, but Kirsten and her sister decided to take their turn. Kirsten picked up the technique very quickly and on her second go was already navigating the complexities of our kitchen. We talked at length about all things Segway as always. Maybe they’ll knit me a new pair of socks!

Meeting 2/24/2003 7:00:00 PM
Trip time: 20 min., Distance: 3.5 mile(s), Temp. 20F
Conditions: clear and cold, threatening snow
Route: Centre to South Sts.
Demos given: 0

Had a meeting to attend tonight and it is a perfect distance for a good glide. I have walked and biked this route many, many times and will again certainly, but it is great to have another alternative especially in the cold of deep winter. I had all kinds of honks and waves from interested folks. Stopped to talk to the hearty souls at Food Not Bombs dishing out some tasty treats to those in need.

Web demo 2/14/2003 1:00:32 PM
Trip time: 60 min., Distance: 3.75 mile(s), Temp. 17F
Conditions: cold, cold, cold, some sun
Route: Up and over the mission hill to longwood
Demos given: 1

Tom had contacted me via the web site for a demo and after a few cancellations do to extreme weather conditions, we managed to get together about half way between his office and mine. The glide to this area of town is simply great, up and over one of the steepest hills in Boston, through a beautiful neighborhood and down into a hugely important medical/business area. Tom was very interest in the Segway and transportation in general. He is an avid cyclist and bikes his daughter to school most mornings. We talked a lot about mode choice, Segway technology and what the best applications might be. It was another friendly and informative encounter.

About town 2/8/2003 1:53:33 PM
Trip time: 60 min., Distance: 2.25 mile(s), Temp. 25F
Conditions: clear and cold, nice sun
Route: Over to the pond and back
Demos given: 3

I had some friends come over to visit so we went out to give Hermes a spin around town. Snow and ice still covered portions of the street and sidewalks, so I did most of the gliding, but they got some good glide time on the clear areas including on the bike path that was well plowed. This was a great experience because we really tested the limits of the Segway HT traction in the snow and ice. I lost traction twice while gliding, but because I was only traveling at a walking pace (the only speed anyone with common sense would travel under such conditions), Hermes just beeped at me and I stepped off. Not a big deal at all. Both of these incidents occurred when I was trying to plow through 3-4 inches of hardened snow and ice along a curb line or a portion of sidewalk that had not been plowed. Of course, that is why Segways are equipped with a power assist feature. I really should have dismounted and used it and I the future I certainly will.

Snow 2/7/2003 8:40:42 AM
Trip time: 15 min., Distance: 0.75 mile(s), Temp. 30F
Conditions: snowing heavily
Route: local loop to the hospital and back
Demos given: 1

Wanted to see how Hermes performed in the snow so as it began to fall in the morning, I went into the hospital and then left at noon to go home for lunch. The snow on the ground in the morning was minimal, but by noon four to five inches of fresh, light powder had accumulated. Hermes performed well on the trip home for lunch through slush, sand, up curb cuts and through snow as high as the platform right up to my door. It was am amazing glide. I stopped to talk to a guy shoveling his sidewalk and he seemed quite impressed. Camera is still in the shop, so no pictures unfortunately.

Public meeting 2/3/2003 7:00:45 PM
Trip time: 15 min., Distance: 3 mile(s), Temp. 40F
Conditions: warm temps, partially cloudly
Route: Centre St. to Child
Demos given: 0

Outfitted with a light for night gliding, I headed out to the Arborway Green line restoration public meeting to discuss stop locations. I have never used a light when riding a bike a night (though I certainly should) because seeing the street is no problem with all the street lights, but I wanted to be in compliance completely on this trip. The light was eclipsed by the streetlights on main street, but on the side streets it helped out considerably. The meeting was a positive one and as it broke up, Neil Blackington, who had seen Hermes parked in the corner, approached me and introduced himself. Neil is an important member of the Segway family as he was one of the first public officials to use a Segway HT in crowded urban environments. As an EMS professional Neil worked with Segway LLC to develop proper outfitting for carrying sixty pounds of life saving equipment and was present at the Boston Marathon and Fourth of July celebrations in 2002. See the related article. Neil was very excited to see a Segway in private hands and out on the streets. He had only great things to say about his long relationship with Segway. Neil is serving as a technical contact on the Arborway Rail Restoration Project Advisory Committee (ARRPAC), the community advisory group charged with design of the restored E-line.

Boat house 1/31/2003 1:00:31 PM
Trip time: 20 min., Distance: 2.5 mile(s), Temp. 30F
Conditions: cloudy, light precipitation
Route: S. Huntington, Bynner, J-way bike path
Demos given: 0

Went over to the boat house today for some demos as posted on the demo page but as expected, no one was there. I passed about five pedestrians as the temperature was dropping and freezing rain was threatening. The glide over was well worth the trip as I put Hermes through his paces by going over significant ice obstacles, tons of sand, mud and puddles. This is a lovely park system and the pond looked especially serene frozen and snow covered.

Street demo 1/30/2003 4:18:12 PM
Trip time: 45 min., Distance: 1 mile(s), Temp. 30F
Conditions: cloudy, dry
Route: Demo for co-workers and other passers-by/Centre Street
Demos given: 7

I had taken Hermes to work with me specifically to give some folks an opportunity to glide who had not yet had a chance. Near the end of the workday we went outside to the street and I began the routine and who should happen by but a police officer. This was my first encounter with the Boston Police and what a fantastic chance encounter it was! The Sergeant was extremely excited to finally try a Segway as some of his fellow officers had done so in a trial period Segway LLC had conducted with the Boston Police many months ago. I gave him some extended glide time and we talked about all sorts of stuff including regulation and application. During this time, one of his deputies happen by, made a fast u-turn and joined us for the demo. Both of them loved the Segway. As it turns out, the Sergeant is head of the local district station.

MFA demo 1/25/2003 1:00:00 PM
Trip time: 120 min., Distance: 4 mile(s), Temp. 28F
Conditions: clear, cold, some good sun
Route: School to MFA, many demos and back home to the warmth
Demos given: 11

Following class, I met some friends on the sunny side of the MFA for some demo time. Business at the museum was brisk and so we attracted quite a crowd. Unfortunately my camera stopped working but Nathan got some pictures that I’ll post. After my friends had had their glide time, a line began forming and I allowed everyone who wanted to try the Segway out an opportunity. Ages and demographics spanned the spectrum and there were smiles all around. “You made my day,” was a common theme. We were even spotted by a fan who jumped out of his mom’s SUV for a demo while she circled the block. On our way for a coffee, a detractor broadcast, “To lazy to walk” from a PA system in his truck. Peter’s belated retort, “To lazy to shout,” made me laugh and reminded me that some technologies are so common we forget we are using them. We then had some more glide time at a nearby courtyard before I proceeded home. A great day all around and one of the warmest in over a week.

Back to school 1/25/2003 8:27:20 AM
Trip time: 15 min., Distance: 1.75 mile(s), Temp. 20F
Conditions: clear and cold
Route: up and over Mission hill to the fenway
Demos given: 0

First day of class for the spring semester saw my return to campus. I got permission from security to park Hermes in the lobby next to another EV to recharge while in class. I stopped to talk to a few people in route which added to the trip time not to mention tackling one of the steepest hills in Boston.

Rachel demo 1/19/2003 2:15:33 PM
Trip time: 120 min., Distance: 3.5 mile(s), Temp. 20F
Conditions: very cold, light wind
Route: Out to s. huntington , cross rt. 9, and back via the hill
Demos given: 1

Rachel enjoyed her extended glide through the cold streets. Ice and snow conditions were minimal and the battery power was fine even in the extreme cold.

Work group demo 1/17/2003 1:24:17 PM
Trip time: 60 min., Distance: 1 mile(s), Temp. 20F
Conditions: cold, cold
Route: parking lot
Demos given: 4

The folks at work were eager to meet Hermes, so I gave demos in the frigid temps at lunch in the parking lot. They seemed most impressed and had loads of questions. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera so no pictures.

Neigborhood glide 1/5/2003 4:09:27 PM
Trip time: 60 min., Distance: 0.75 mile(s), Temp. 40F
Conditions: Streets clear, ice and snow on sidewalks
Route: Around the local streets
Demos given: 1

A friend of mine came over and we went out as the sun was setting to glide around the neighborhood. We turned many heads and several cars stopped to ask questions. My buddy loved Hermes and is now thinking of ordering a Segway HT himself. He got the hang of gliding in no time.

Indoor use 12/30/2002
Trip time: 60 min., Distance: 1 mile(s), Temp. 65F
Conditions: icy/sleet outside, warm/comfy inside
Route: Kitchen, dining room, living room, foyer
Demos given: 0

I have kept exclusively to indoor gliding this past week, chasing the cat around the house and not one ding in the furniture. Hermes got outfitted with a new front bag (these bags are great) and kryptonite locks and a good light are on order. Looking forward to improvement in outdoor ice conditions.

Multi modal 12/24/2002 5:20:55 AM
Trip time: 12 min., Distance: 1.25 mile(s), Temp. 35F
Conditions: cold and clear, before sunrise
Route: Northeast on the southwest corridor linear park
Demos given: 0

Well, my second outing was less auspicious. Having outfitted Hermes with a makeshift headlight and rear reflectors, I left early in the morning bound for Boston’s South Station a distance of about 4 miles. I left myself plenty of time to make the six-fifteen train. Poor weight distribution and overconfidence lead to what happen next, I caught a curb the wrong way and fell backward. Hermes proceeded on without me a few feet and performed admirably by shutting down as designed. Luckily no one was around to witness the event save one passing motorist. After a quick recovery from the shock and embarrassment I went to start Hermes up again, but he didn’t start! He only beeped at me! I was incredulous, trying time and time again, I thought I must be doing something wrong. Being closer to home than the station, I returned and abandoned the idea of taking Hermes home with me for the holidays (I had made previous arrangements with Amtrak to do this, the family was most disappointed). I missed the six-fifteen train, but caught the seven-twenty instead, not a huge deal. It pained me to leave Hermes alone for the holidays and I could not imagine what was wrong since I know Segway’s are built with incredible durability. I concluded that it must be a loose cable running from the control shaft to the motors. When I returned to Boston on 12/27/02, I separated the two pieces (control shaft and base) and indeed found that one of the two cables had come loose. I received Hermes pre-assembled unlike some earlier essay winners who’s segways were shipped in two pieces and required five minute assembly. The cable clips are designed to snap together and only separate when a button is depressed, much like other electronic cable connections. I have since written a letter to Segway LLC informing them of the incident.

Trip one 12/23/2002 7:21:08 AM
Trip time: 9 min., Distance: 1.25 mile(s), Temp. 35F
Conditions: clear, dry
Route: South to Hyde Sq, North on S. Huntington, East on Heath Street
Demos given: 3

This was my first trip out on the streets/sidewalks of Boston one day after I picked up Hermes from the plant in NH. I made two stops and returned home at dusk. Hermes drew quite a crowd at my second stop, a local hospital. The Boston police officer who greeted me at the door declined my request to glide to my office, saying I was not handicapped and bikes are frowned upon inside, but was kind enough to allowed me to dismount and roll Hermes inside.


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