Founder’s Letter

January 1, 2003

Embracing this unique opportunity as an early adopter of the Segway Human Transporter, an early delivery winner and the first private owner within the City of Boston, I chose to create this web site as a venue for education, outreach and as an online community for Segway owners within metro-Boston and Massachusetts generally. We’ve since moved to Phoenix, Arizona, but have decided to keep our name since that is, of course, how everyone knows us.

When was the last time the world saw a new mode of transportation? Well, it’s been a long time to say the least. As someone who has, all of his life, tried to minimize use of automobiles, I am ecstatic about it!

We are lucky to have a public transportation system; one of the things that attracted me here twelve years ago. Yet car ownership is up dramatically, roads are built wider and more impassable, and “transportation equity” and “environmental justice” are co-opted as politically correct buzzwords, long on use and short on impact.

Meanwhile, “how to get around” becomes a hotter topic locally as well as nationally with every passing year. Think about how often your friends and neighbors talk about transportation. Mobility is intertwined with all aspects of our lives including importantly, land use planning, the cultivation of livable communities, and efficient energy usage.

Will the Segway HT cure these ills and revolutionize transportation? Certainly it cannot alone. No single element of our transportation infrastructure can or should be expected to. Each mode of transportation has its own advantages and disadvantages. I recall having seen a 1950’s advertisement depicting a large luxury automobile driving into the living room of the owner who stepped out, walked down some steps and sat at the dinner table for an evening meal. This type of convenience was billed as the wave of the future and though homes with three-car garages are growing in popularity, the advantage of driving directly into one’s living room for dinner never came to pass. Now, the automobile is a victim of its own success. The endless search for road and storage capacity and the inconvenience of gridlock has inspired new solutions.

The burden of building healthier communities, cleaning our air, and preserving the environment for future generations rests on all of our shoulders and must be a joint effort. Within that equation, fundamentally, the Segway Human Transporter is about choice; the choice to move rapidly, breathe freely and use energy efficiently.

Out of a desire to encourage use of alternative transportation and restore equity to our mobility options, Segway Boston was born. May it have a long and productive life.


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