Welcome! Thank you for visiting SegwayBoston.org Founded on January 1, 2003, SegwayBoston.org is an organization dedicated to education, outreach and advocacy of alternative transportation generally and the new Segway™ Human Transporter specifically.

What is a Segway?, you ask. The Segway HT is the world’s first self-balancing, two-wheeled, electric, personal transportation device. Click here for a more detail explanation, or visit the site of the manufacturer, Segway LLC.

Though analogy is certainly a time-honored and valuable technique for gaining insight, it can sometimes cause us to overlook important details. So in thinking about the Segway HT, we should recognize the limits of analogy when comparing the Segway HT to any other mode of transportation. We must consider this new mode of transportation for what it is, in and of itself, and what it is not.

The Segway HT is not a bicycle (though at SegwayBoston.org we encourage the use of bicycles wholeheartedly) and the Segway HT is not a scooter.

It can be ridden inside, if permitted by the owner of the establishment, yet only one person can use it at a time. The Segway HT is elegant, durable and simply ingenious.

SegwayBoston.org will be offering Segway demonstrations at limited locations. Sign up via our online web form. This feature is not working as of January 1, but we hope to have it working of a few days so please check back.

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